September to April is the best time to see these magnificent creatures along the whole length of our coast. Growing up to 18 metres in length, these are true 'gentle giants'. Their diet consists of small fish and plancton.

Not a dive that one can plan for but often seen on the route to our dive site. The opportunity to grab mask and fins to snorkel with one of these giants must be close to the top of any diver's wish list.

..Jean Pierre Sorin..My Whaleshark video

Where to see them

All along our coastline. Best period is February to May. The numbers are substantial at these times but, as the Whale Shark does not leap or hold any fins above the water, sightings are by the pure chance of coming right alongside one on the way to or from our dive site. Ultra Light aircraft can be hired all along the coast . These enable easy spotting of Whale Shark which can direct a boat into contact.

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