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The most dangerous shark in coastal waters. Large sharks, they average 2.5 metres, they have extremely powerful jaws and feed generally on sharks, even small Zambezis, turtles, fish and seabirds. They can and do exist in areas of lower than normal salinity. They travel far up the larger rivers as well as into Lake St Lucia when it is open to the sea.

It is not uncommon for a dissection of a Zambezi at the Natal Sharks Board to yield human remains though it is believed that these result mainly from drowning victims being washed down river to the sea rather than attacks on living humans.The murky waters are a favorite haunt of the Zambezi in search of 'free meals'.

Attacks on living humans are rare but shows of extreme aggression are common. This shark will typically circle divers or, more especially spearfishermen, slowly contracting the circle. Finally there is a mock attack with the shark swimming directly at the diver, swerving away at the last moment, often with the spearfisherman's catch as a prize.


Where to see them

Ponta do Ouro From October to May on Pinnacles Reef. Some huge specimens which, in the clear still waters, love to perform their favorite trick of swimming directly at a diver and veering off at the last moment. If that does impress you, you have no imagination !

Protea Banks  All year round but best sightings are October - May.

Aliwal Shoal  Sightings are not common but do occur particularly on Castle Reef or during our baited shark dives.

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