Reaching 2.5 metres in length and with a very active, rapid swimming manner and with it's torpedo shape, the Blacktip shark is an impressive animal. They are found in large numbers at Aliwal shoal - up to 20 individuals at a time -during our Tiger shark dives.

The Blacktip has a long pointed snout has beautifully marked white bands on it's flanks. They occaisionally leap from the sea spiralling before crashing back into the water.

When large Tigers are present, the Blacktips hang back suddenly dashing in as a Tiger leaves centre stage. Interestingly, we are finding that with smaller 3.5 metre Tigers and large numbers of 2.5 metre Blacktips, the scenario changes. The Blacktips stay central in a group with the Tigers outside that group. It is then the Tigers who choose a moment when something interests them, to swim imperiously through the group of Blacktips.

The interaction between these shark species is fascinating. The sleek, high speed Blacktips exagerate the slow powerful movements of the Tigers and their immense bodies suggesting hours in a gymnasium and liberal steriods in a human counterpart.

..My Blacktip video by Stephane Harge


Where to see them

Ponta do Ouro October - May on Pinnacles.

Aliwal Shoal  12 months of the year particularly in association with our baited shark dives.

Sophie Verdoux from Mayotte says 'My unbelievable shark dive 6 January 2018 with Peter Griffiths of Discovering Africa Safaris'. In one 50 minute dive we saw 6 shark species --6 Bull sharks, a Silvertip,a Dusky, Oceanic Blacktip, lots of Scalloped Hammerheads and a huge 4 1/2 metre Tiger shark.Click

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