An impressive, streamlined, rapid shark that can grow to 4.0 metres in length - huge by anybody's standards.

The Duskies which we see are more normally around 2.50 metres. They are very similar to the Blacktip (Carcharhinus limbatus) in general form as well as in their super fast swimming. The snout is almost as long as the Blacktip but is rounded as opposed to the Blacktip's pointed snout. It has a ghost of a white strip down it's flank compared to the Blacktip's silver blaze on it's sides. It lacks the black tips to it's fins though these are not nearly so pronounced in the Blacktip as some sources of information would have us believe.



Where to see them

 Aliwal Shoal All year around during our baited shark dives.

Ponta do OuroAlways possible to see them on Pinnacles particularly October to May.

Sophie Verdoux from Mayotte says 'My unbelievable shark dive 6 January 2018 with Peter Griffiths of Discovering Africa Safaris'. In one 50 minute dive we saw 6 shark species --6 Bull sharks, a Silvertip,a Dusky, Oceanic Blacktip, lots of Scalloped Hammerheads and a huge 4 1/2 metre Tiger shark.Click

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