The Whitetip hunts largely at night so we tend to see them during the daytime hidden in gullys and caves.

The body lacks the 'torpedo' shape of the swifter sharks that we see being elongated with a broad, short snout. The first dorsal fin is placed well back from the pectorals with the second dorsal almost as large as the first. The first dorsal and caudal fins have bright white tips making this shark unmistakable.

The Whitetip is a docile, fairly small shark (absolute maximum 2.0 metres but more usually 1.5 metres) normally found in shallow water (15 - 18 metres) making it an ideal 'first' for the new shark diver.

Where to see them

Ponta do Ouro  Throughout the year but not that common.

Sodwana Bay  12 months of the year particularly Two Mile and 9 Mile Reefs.

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