On our last diving day, you have the option of doing a further 2 reef dives at Aliwal, a baited dive at Aliwal or to join us on a baited dive at Protea Banks.


On our baited dive at Protea Banks, the species which we expect to see are varied with the season:-

Bull sharks (called Zambezis locally) are virtually year around residents.

Tiger shark are most numerous February -June and again in October and November.

Copper sharks can be seen June to November.

Spotted Ragged Tooth sharks May to November sometimes in massive numbers.

Scalloped Hammerheads also can be in large numbers from October to April.

The Oceanic Blacktip Shark another year around resident.

Minimum requirements for Protea :-

A qualification allowing dives to 40 metres. Our baited dives are are at relatively shallow depths but the reefs here are deep. Lesser experienced divers sometimes get carried away with excitement with the sharks and loose concentration on their depth in the water. We do not want to risk any divers suddenly realising they are amongst very large sharks and at depths they have never visited before.

At least 30 dives preferably including some 'stress' diving.

All divers must carry a surface marker buoy. Divers who loose contact with the main group can be difficult to locate on the surface without the use of a marker buoy.



Sophie Verdoux from Mayotte says 'My unbelievable shark dive 6 January 2018 with Peter Griffiths of Discovering Africa Safaris'. In one 50 minute dive we saw 6 shark species --6 Bull sharks, a Silvertip,a Dusky, Oceanic Blacktip, lots of Scalloped Hammerheads and a huge 4 1/2 metre Tiger shark.Click

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