Day 1.................What is the Sardine Run?

Depart Europe

Day 2

Arrive Durban, South Africa and take a taxi to your overnight guesthouse close to the airport.

Day 3

Around 09h00 we depart overland for the Transkei Wild Coast. This is an area of unsurpassed and completely unspoilt natural beauty. The Wild Coast with it's lagoons, cliffs, palm trees, sandy bays with rivers reaching to the sea via convoluted valleys has such limited access that there has been no industrial development. It remains pristine.

Our base of operations is Port St Johns which stands at the mouth of the Mzimvubu river between Mt Thesiger and Mt Sullivan. A magnificent setting with huge cliffs covered in subtropical forest. Our hotel sits right on the river itself allowing us easy access to the boat for our early morning launch.

Day 4-Day 8

Early breakfast at aoround 07h00 and then on to the waiting semi rigid boat. We shall be launching via the Mzimvubu mouth.

We will normally stay at sea until around 16h00 depending on activity.

Day 9

We will head overland to Aliwal Shoal.

Day 10

We shall be doing 2 dives on Aliwal Shoal with the Ragged Tooth or Sand Tiger sharks.

As an option, you may wish to do one baited shark dive followed by one Ragged Tooth shark dive on the reef. This is not the best time of the year for Tiger sharks but Oceanic Blacktip Sharks will be seen in large numbers on the baited dive with a possibility of Tigers, Dusky and Bull Sharks.

Day 11

Again a choice of two reef dives with Ragged Tooth/Sand Tiger sharks or one baited dive plus one Ragged Tooth dive.

Day 12 

 We transport you to Durban's uShaka airport where you take your flight either to return home or to continue on to Cape Town for the Cape Extension with Great Whites breaching as they attack Cape Fur Seals, 7 Gill Cowsharks and a dive with the Cape Fur Seals - though in shallow water, not near the breaching Great Whites !!!!

Day 13 

Your arrival back home.

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