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Probably the most feared animal in the whole world but totally without justification as far as divers are concerned.

Our Tiger shark dive site at Aliwal Shoal has plenty of Zambezi (Bull) and Great White sharks as evidenced by the numbers murdered in our beach protection nets. This is, however, Tiger territory. We often see Zambezis but they stay right on the sand out of the Tiger's way. Great Whites are seen but the moment a Tiger arrives, the White disappears. Pinnacles at Ponta do Ouro is a definite Zambezi territory. During our Safari in summer months, we almost inevitable see one or two Tigers at our Mozambican shark site as we descend. These Tigers disappear the moment the Zambezis sense our presence and come to see if we are spearfishing offering them an easy stolen meal. Great Whites are also seen on this site but disappear once the Zambezis arrive.

To see Great Whites, we need to visit the areas of the Cape Province where they are the dominant shark.

Discovering Africa Safaris offers the possibility of seeing Great White sharks during cage dives at Simons Town.

Divers do our normal shark Safari diving Tigers, Bull, Hammerheads etc and then on the day that other divers return to Europe, you fly down to Cape Town where you will be met by our team and driven down to Simons Town- the Great White Mecca. Saturday and Sunday you will do two cage dives with Great Whites. As the cage dives are at the surface, it is anticipated that most divers will fly home on the Sunday evening. If required, accomadation can be booked for you at Cape Town Airport's Town Lodge.

Cost of this extention is € 850 which includes ;-

Two days Great White Shark cage diving

Bed, breakfast, packed lunch for two nights.

Transport to and from Cape Town airport to Simons Town

This cost does not include Sunday night accomadation nor any airfares. Please note that you will require :-

Europe - Johannesburg return

Johannesburg - Durban

Durban - Cape Town

Cape Town - Johannesburg

These Great White dives are available 12 months of the year. The following table shows the expected weather conditions and sightings.

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